Boat Covers

Delta Awnings provides custom tailored Boat Cover products. Boat Covers are essential to protecting your boat, inside and out. The sun and weather can do plenty of damage on the water. Weather damage is unnecessary if it happens when your boat is parked. Finding a new Boat Cover or replacing one doesn’t have to be painful and you don’t have to settle for what you can find with big-box retailers.

Quality Matters

Purchasing a cover that doesn’t last or fit your boat properly is a waste of your time and money. Poorly fitting covers allow rain to flood your boat and plant life from the surrounding eventually invade your boat, leaving it a mess to clean up and destroying the life of your investment. Low quality covers can end up with minor holes in the fabric, leaving it vulnerable to rain, which then turns to mold and a terrible smell. Don’t settle for half-hitched solutions when it comes to covering your boat.

sunbrella Canvas Covers

We carry sunbrella canvas products, developed specially for marine applications. These canvas materials are engineered with the newest technology, using a unique polyurethane and acrylic undercoating for maximum protection for your boat against the elements. The underside of this material is extra soft, protecting surfaces from scratching or scuffing. With such a variety of choices for material, styles, and colors, you will certainly discover the solution your’re looking for. We offer free consulting to help you navigate the options so you get the product that’s right for you.

High quality materials and good design culminate to create the perfect fitting, longest lasting cover for your boat. Protect your investment with quality products and services from Delta Awnings. Call us today for a free consultation and estimate. Let us design the perfect cover to protect your watercraft for years to come.