Boat T Tops

Delta Awnings provide T Tops for  replacement and custom builds. Our shop in Fort Walton Beach is equipped with industry leading equipment, and staffed with experts in canvas design and production. Before purchasing a kit sight-unseen, talk with us about our custom T Tops and be confidence in knowing you will get exactly the right product for you. Talk with us and see what we can do for you.

Custom Boat T Tops

Dry-rotted, ripped or faded T Tops make your boat look old and neglected. Delta Awnings will design a T Top to the specifications for your boat. We will work with you to design the T Top that suits your boat, including the color and material type that is best for your project. We use only quality materials and scrutinize every aspect of our work to ensure a lasting and satisfying product.

sunbrella Canvas Products

We take pride in our work and we show we care by using only the best quality materials available. We use advanced canvas materials made by sunbrella that are specially designed for the harsh marine environment. These products ensure that you can be confident your investment will last for years to come.

We Make It Easy

Contact us today and ask about our custom T Tops for your boat. We provide consulting design, and production services. Don’t forget to check out our custom boat covers while you’re at it. Protecting your boat with a quality matching boat cover adds style and will keep your boat in great condition. Check out our Boat Cover page to read more. Don’t let an old Boat Cover lead to mold and decay either. If you waited too long to replace your Boat Cover and your upholstery is damaged, we also provide upholstery services, which you can read more about on our Boat Upholstery page.