Branded Storefront Awnings

Something you should consider for your business is a branded storefront awning from Delta Awnings. From various colors and an expert design team to bring your brand to life on the canvas of your new storefront awning. An awning for your business means shade for customers, sure. However, awnings for your storefront can tell a lot more than that, with more options for expressing your brand, additional lighting, and media options that are far more affordable than making significant changes to the structure to provide your customers with the same level of accommodations.

Outdoor Dining Areas

Outdoor dining areas are a great use case for our commercial awning products and services. Adding this simple structure is much cheaper than contracting traditional brick-and-mortar buildings to gain additional seating space. Outdoor dining areas also give your establishment more options to offer catering parties and other events at your venue. Depending on your location, an outdoor dining area could serve as an aesthetic selling point as a place to eat with a view. Additional seats without the giant price tag means you'll make back your money on this investment quite quickly.

Lighting & Electrical

Nobody wants to sit under a dark canopy. We offer lighting and electrical installation on our awnings that enhance visibility for your customers and make your establishment appealing and inviting to foot traffic and passersby. Properly placed outlets facilitate ceiling fans, audio equipment, TV screens, and projectors for outdoor comfort and entertainment. Storefront awnings with additional lighting can make a dramatic difference for storefronts in plazas with poor or dim lighting.

Free Estimates for Branded Awnings

We hope you'll consider Delta Awnings for your branded storefront awning projects. When you do, remember that Delta Awnings provides free estimates for commercial branded storefront awnings. Contact us today for that free estimate or if we can answer any questions. Thanks for reading.